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When anyone asks me, "How did Ben come such a long way?" I answer, "Diane Berger." Diane gave my son the tools he was missing, in order to navigate through a world he did not understand. When he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified) he was in a world of his own. He looked just like other 2-year olds but, left to his own devices, he was not present with what was going on around him. He became obsessed with his activity and nothing or anybody could break his perseveration. Diane paved the road for Ben to be able to bond with me rather than just his plastic jungle animals.

The three things my son had on his side were a diagnosis at 2.4 years old, intensive ABA therapy and the right therapist to teach him. The doctor who diagnosed Ben said when a child is diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, there are many factors which can lead to a good prognosis. He said autism is not something one is cured from but the chance for improving developmental skills can be achieved.

The journey from that point on is indescribable unless you've been through it. Unfortunately there was no "Getting an Autistic Diagnosis for Dummies" book. The big question was where do I start? Who do I go to, what is ABA therapy, how do I find this therapy, and what is autism really anyway? Then auto pilot kicked in I gave myself a crash course on autism through research, phone calls , and being a little demanding of people to get what I needed to know and what my son deserved, which was nothing but the best. I am sure if you have reached my testimonial that you feel the same way, too.

There are many ABA therapists in the field but not many who have the experience and qualifications that Diane has, a mother of an autistic child herself. What separates Diane from the rest is her intangible gift of showing compassion combined with an incredible strength to teach. She helped Ben fill in the missing skills he needed to bridge the gap between his world and a more typical childhood which we all want for our children. This is my sixth draft of writing this testimonial. I thought I was going to write the details of all the pain and joy I went through during Ben's three years of intensive therapy. I'll fast forward to seven years later, after Diane had laid the foundation for him to grow upon, Ben is now a happy mainstreamed 9 year old. I am sooooo proud of Ben.
    - Loving Mother,

- ~ -

Diane, just had to say thank you again for that great presentation you did Sunday. I really learned a lot of things I was doing wrong with my grandson. It takes a very special person to give of themselves to help others as you did so well. Again thanks for helping and possibly changing our lives a little bit. That's the way it's done 1 step at a time, and with people like you giving us a paved road to start out on it helps point us in the direction to success. Keep up the great work.
    - Paul Szarawarski

- ~ -

Diane had an incredible impact on my son's development. Diane started working with my son when he was 3.5 years old as his program coordinator. During the year and a half she worked with my family, she oversaw my son's home and school program. Diane also provided excellent parent training to myself, my husband and our son's classroom teachers. Diane taught my son so many new skills during the time she worked with him. He was able to master many pre-academic, cognitive and social goals that have helped him be successful in a mainstream classroom.
    - Robin

- ~ -

Diane is an extremely effective therapist. I am pleased to extend and share my experience with you.

My primary reason for going to see Diane was to get help for my 7 year old son's aggression. He would scratch and kick when he became frustrated. We had to discontinue speech therapy because of his behavior towards his speech therapist. It's been a year and my son is back in speech therapy with no behavioral issues. He's come a long way in a year. My son has learned skills to control and manage his frustrations, increase his attention span and tolerate different foods. Everyone from family, friends and other therapists have noticed and remarked on the positive change in his behavior. I am very pleased with our results from Diane.
    - Nicolette Kirkwood
      Teaneck, New Jersey

- ~ -

When my daughter was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum with Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) at age 3 - years, I was devastated. My emotions ranged from feelings of grief, anger, and guilt to fear, anxiety, and helplessness. Simultaneously, I felt an intense sense of urgency to get my daughter the best help available. When I started researching the different behavioral therapeutic approaches and therapists - I felt even more confused and scared. After all, how was I supposed to know what the best approach was and on top of that, differentiate between a highly skilled therapist and a mediocre one? My confusion was alleviated when I met Diane Berger.

After taking my daughter to Diane for the first time, I knew immediately in my gut that I had found an extremely bright, talented, dedicated, and caring behavioral therapist. Diane has worked what I consider to be small miracles with my little girl. In a matter of months, I watched her break down my daughter's ineffective, maladaptive coping skills and behaviors and replace them with appropriate skill sets. My daughter is now a much happier, more peaceful child who successfully engages the world around her with excitement and joy instead of anxiety and trepidation. In fact, our friends and family were stunned at the tremendous progress my daughter has made. It would take several pages to specifically describe all the wonderful changes I've seen.

Diane has not only provided phenomenal therapy for my daughter, but also she has made the challenging journey of parenting an autistic child much less frightening. She has been and continues to be a primary source of invaluable support, strength, and guidance. Diane is incredibly honest, straight-forward, and knowledgeable. In the beginning of our therapeutic relationship, Diane was truly a beacon of light in what felt like a dark, tumultuous raging sea of fear, sadness, and uncertainty that autism had thrust my family into. Now, thanks to Diane, that dark tumultuous sea has transformed to a mildly choppy ocean of opportunity, hope, optimism, and light.     - Erinn

- ~ -

Diane is a very caring, experienced and knowledgeable therapist. She started seeing my daughter when she was 2.5 years. She oversaw my daughter's home program and helped train the teachers in the pre-school she was attending.

My daughter has improved tremendously under her tutelage. She is on course to attend a mainstream classroom when she gets to Kindergarten. Apart from imparting the academic material, she has helped a lot in raising my daughter's social skills to a level typical for her age.

I highly recommend Diane to any parent who is in the same shoes as I was a couple of years ago.
    - A Grateful Parent
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